Page Turner Edits

As a writer, you want to share the story of your heart. But how do you ensure readers get lost in your book from the first page to the last?

Often, it comes down to making a few tweaks and turning a couple of knobs. Every story has the potential to become a page turner that will become a reader’s favorite book.

My job is to help you find the changes that have the most impact. Not to recite rules you probably already know, but to give you practical, actionable advice.

Page Turner Edits provided an outstanding service, with a quick turnaround and insightful edits at both developmental and line-level. I will absolutely be using them again!
Laurie, MG horror writer
Camille is a talented and dedicated editor with a great work ethic. She has an innate gift for natural storytelling structure and characterisation. She can spot the nascent story contained within the early draft of a novel and point out, kindly but clearly, the steps necessary to draw out cohesive narrative and character arcs. Her suggestions not only greatly improved my current manuscript, but they also improved my writing skills for the future. I’ve found myself thinking over her writing tips many times while working on my stories.
In addition to her technical knowledge, she’s extremely thoughtful, kind, and fun to work with. Her enthusiasm for other people’s stories is infectious. She has the ability to really delve into an author’s fictional world with instinctive understanding of their novel’s goals and themes. From the beginning, she instinctively ‘got’ what I was trying to say with my novel, and rather than try to change my writing voice or story-telling style as some editors might, she was fully onboard with helping me write the best version of the novel I wanted to write. I would recommend her to anyone, from experienced writers to first-timers or those who are nervous about hiring an editor. You won’t be disappointed!
Lizzy, YA contemporary/thriller writer
I cannot recommend Camille enough. For my historical fantasy, she provided a thoughtful, in-depth critique going over various points from plot, character development, and structure. Not only that but she gave helpful suggestions on how I might improve my manuscript. As someone who is also a bit more on the sensitive side, I really appreciated that she built me up instead of tore me down, and her criticisms were done in a way that were very helpful and very constructive. She’s a great resource.
Sarah—historical fantasy manuscript